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What’s a palette for Richarme ?

It is a big set of small painted cardboards. The use and expectations out of those has been changing through the years. It was first a cardboard, usually 21/27cm, used in the process of mixing paste. This was some kind of daily routine and more specifically done before each new piece of work. There was two motives for that ritual. Savings paint tubes, habits induced by the conditions of life in war time. Second motive was to have already prepared and available some “dessous” or preparatory layers. On the back the dates indicates sometimes the duration of the drying process. Through her research on colours decomposition, her vision changed progressively. Each day, more elaborated tones could be found on the cardboards. She realised that there were real harmonies and that she could play with those following her style and taste and then keep them aside for later. She was by then working on multiple cardboards at the same time. She called them “mes petits abstraits” as for “my little abstract arts”. Scattered around the easel, rarely signed, they were an image of her thoughts on colour alchemy and a source of inspiration.

The whole set has been classified separately and is now an alternative masterpiece almost unknown.

Her daughter Michèle, 2010